We believe the child in us should never grow up, a Peter Pan who prances around in Neverland playing pranks and bubbling with energy.

The restless child learns, yearns to know more, is never tired and his enthusiasm can never be killed. Such blissful is childhood that if life lets us be children we would never be unhappy. In fact, we grow old and grumpy because the child in us ceases to be.

My Paper is for every child in us who refuses to grow up.

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My Paper is an exclusive monthly newspaper for children to share information, news, general knowledge in a format that the young reader will easily understand and enjoy to read. It also publishes activities, puzzles, riddles, poems, and articles pertaining to Science, Culture, Art, History, General Knowledge, Sports and many more.

We select news and content that is relevant to children and interpret it in a simple format. My Paper encourages children to write, compose, draw, paint by publishing their work in the paper.